Koluman was setup in Ankara in 1965 under the title Mustafa Koluman and Associates Steel Commerce Limited Company, with a capital of TL 400.000. Line of business of the Company was determined to be machinery trade, ferro - steel works, complete factories and installations, raw materials exports, touristic business and import, export associated with what has been aforesaid, electrogenerator groups and their import, brokering and representation.


In 1966, title of the Company was renamed to Koluman Steel - Machinery Trade Limited Company.


Aiming at continual growth and expansion ever since its very establishment, the Company became a holding in 1975 and at the date Koluman Holding Incorporated was setup.


With time in progress, the Company broadened its scope of business and Koluman Construction and Engineering Incorporated was setup in 1979 to operate under Koluman Holding. Koluman Construction and Engineering Incorporated is mostly running constructional activities within the Group, countering the new buildings and building annexes needs felt by the Group.


In 1982, title of the Koluman Steel Machinery and Trade Limited Company was renamed to Koluman Motor Vehicles Trade and Industry Incorporated.


It was on May 1984 when Koluman Holding Incorporated became a commercial partner with Mercedes Benz Turk A.Ş. (literally translated Mercedes Benz Turkish Incorporated) that enjoyed the title Otomarsan at the time, and assumed a major responsibility at automotive market in our country in the restructuring process of Mercedes Benz in Turkey.


Since then Koluman Motor Vehicles Trade and Industry Incorporated focused on automotive sector, becoming one of the chief distributors for Mercedes Benz Turkish Incorporated, and began providing during and post sale service duties of the Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles.


Koluman Motor Vehicles Trade and Industry Incorporated opened its first branch as authorized distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Tarsus in 1984. Growing rapidly during 1990s, our Company put into service its Gaziantep branch in 1990; Mersin Free Trade Zone branch in 1995; İstanbul branch in 1998; and Ankara branch in 1999.


Ranking the second top with some 30% market share among the Mercedes-Benz distributors at the end of 2004, Koluman Motor Vehicles Trade and Industry Incorporated continues rendering a trustable and quality service that it offers through sales to numerous public embodiments and municipalities and the installations setup by itself, chief among them Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command, State Irrigational Works, Highways of Republic of Turkey, General Directorate of Village Affairs and Forestry; General Directorate of State Aerodromes, and State Railroads, in addition to the market involved.


In 1997, Tarsus Manufacture and Assembly branch was setup with a view to performing vehicles’ super-structure production and assembly. Domestic production and/or assemblies of a great number of world-brand products are effected through license agreements concluded with their respective producers. Manufacture and assembly of dumpers, tankers, fire extinguishing superstructures, salt sprayers, vacuum cleaners, preparatory sweepers, snow blade equipment, and modifications to the vehicles are the main activities carried out.


In 1998, the Company broadened its business line further and Koluman Insurance Brokering Services Incorporated which is under Koluman Holding was setup. Koluman Insurance and Brokering Services Incorporated renders service to our clientele on insurance-related issues such as traffic, motorvehicle, fire, health, life, shipping, etc, and carries out in itself agency activities for the five insurance companies with fame in the insurance sector.


Setup in 1999 again in Tarsus as with 81 percent owned by Koluman Group and 19 percent owned by German trailer manufacturer Kögel A.G., Koluman Kögel Trailer Industry and Trade Incorporated continues trailer and super-structure production and assembly activities at its covered 15.000 square meter site.


Koluman Group purchased in 2004 the 19 percent share owned by Kögel A.G. And from early 2005 onward, activities such as production, assembly of dumpers, tankers, fire extinguishing superstructures, salt sprayers, vacuum cleaners, preparatory sweepers, snow blade equipment, and modifications to the vehicles which had previously been maintained by Tarsus Production and Assembly Branch were started to run by Koluman Kögel Trailer Industry and Trade Incorporated.


Continuously increasing its production and sale since its being setup to date, Koluman Kögel Trailer Industry and Trade Incorporated ranked the first top four in classifications for trailer market in 2004.


With paid capital of TL15.647.000.- and 172 employees, the company has Koluman Motor Vehicles Trade and Industry Incorporated as its biggest shareholder. The company attained an endorsement of 16 million Euros in 2005, realizing 633 sales. For 2006, the company is targeting to reach 14 million Euros , realizing sale of trailers and super-structure.


On June 2010, Koluman Kögel Trailer Industry and Trade Incorporated broke with Kögel A.G., so title of the Koluman Kögel Trailer Industry and Trade Incorporated was renamed to Koluman Automotive Industry and Trade Incorporated.


Koluman Group has always prioritized investments, utilizing company-owned profits in financing investments. A service facility for trailers and commercial vehicles in Tarsus was put into service on March 2006, making an investment totaling 2 million Euros. The new facility has a building site of 4.523 square meters and a building plot of 22.844 square meters.


On June 2006, the new service facility for Gaziantep went into service on March 2006, having made an investment totaling 7.4 million Euros.


Enjoying a total 12.650 cubic meter covered area on an area of 20.000 square meters, the new facility was built in line with the new international concept developed by Mercedes-Benz. Devised to be a fully smart building, the facility includes all existing automatization systems. The facility operates as one of the most gigantic and outstanding facilities of Mercedes-Benz on the European scale.


The facility accommodates some ‘firsts’ in Turkey. First Turkish aluminum repairs atelier and laser- controlled rectifying frame for bus coachworks were established at the facility. Allowing both faultfree and rapid process, these sections best counter the need felt especially by the owners of the commercial vehicles and of automobiles.


Our Heavy Vehicles Showroom and Care Maintenance Service on Konya Motorway, Ankara-Gölbaşı Highway exit point is another investment by our Company. That facility is intended to render services including sale, servicing and spare parts to the vehicles like lorries, towing tractors or trailers which are used for heavy load transportation and those light commercial vehicles. Our facility for which an investment budget of 6.5 million Euros was envisaged shall, on an area of 42.264 square meters, shall have a covered area of 10.860 square meters and green area and social facility area of 20.000 square meters. Our facility has the status of being a smart building and its entire operational systems, chief among them the sewerage, are being constructed to be environmentally-sensitive. The showroom, on the other hand, is have exhibition halls where heavy vehicles and light commercial vehicles shall be exhibited on 780 square meter covered area and 195 square meters open area.


Having become one of the leading firms in automotive sector with a full-paid capital of TL- 36.000.000, an endorsement of TL-1.270.715.676,29.-, 623 personnel, 8 showrooms, 5 branches across Turkey as of today. The Biggest 500 Private Turkish Companies list which is released annually by the Fortune magazine placed our Company at 88in the rankings.


Our Company’s biggest shareholder is Koluman Holding Trade and Industry Incorporated which is also shareholder of Mercedes-Benz Turk Trade and Industry Incorporated.


Our Company’s head office is located in Ankara.